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ECI is a Non-profit organization, based on a set of strategies, trying to find appropriate solutions to reduce energy use and reduce GHGs in the buildings during the renovation process or construction of new buildings.
The organization’s Objectives;

  • Reducing energy consumption in the built environment.
  • Increasing energy efficiency in the built environment.
  • Providing a healthy indoor environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Taking advantage of clean energy and using them in the heating and cooling system of buildings.

How to achieve these goals?
There are several ways to achieve the goals of the organization:

  • Trying to use the building materials that are suitable for the local climate, and using insulation materials for the building’s envelope, that it reduces energy consumption in the indoor environment.
  • Innovation in the building design that is suitable with the local climate and environment, so that in addition to reducing energy usage, a suitable and healthy life can be maintained in the indoor environment of the buildings.
  • Improving the built environment by using computers that predict the total amount of energy needed, the carbon dioxide emission, and thermal comfort in the indoor environment of the building. It is also an assistant tool in pre-decision the amount of energy needed and improving the energy usage in the building which has a significant role in reducing energy consumption and providing a healthy interior environment.
  • Trying to raise awareness of individuals in community about reducing energy usage and familiarizing them to the benefits of using clean energy through organizing seminars, workshop, and conference by Participating expert people in this field.
    -Trying to use all the new technologies that are currently being used in the developed countries to reduce the energy consumption and produce clean energy considering the climate and environment of the region.
    -Deciding on a set of solutions in cooperation with the government that is aligned with the conditions and needs of architecture and works toward building energy infrastructure for the future generations.
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