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Saving Water

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As we all know; water is the basis of life. Every living organism on Earth contains a
substantial proportion of water and without water, all creatures are destroyed. Nearly
three- fourth of the earth surface is covered with water but only a small percentage is
suitable for drinking, 97% of the water on the ground is salty, and only 3% is clean
water (without smell and taste), Only 0.025% is suitable for drinking, and this is a
very small percentage. That’s why we need to try to conserve water and use our water
supplies wisely by:
1-Ensure that faucets don’t have any leaks that would cause water to run
2-Turn off the water when you brush
3- When we wash vegetables and fruits, use the used water to watering the pots and gardens.
4- At the time of the dish, we try to use very little water to wash it and then water it.
5- Daily check-up of pipes and barrels to prevent the flow and treatment of the problems.

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